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हिन्दी – What does the Bible mean when it says that Christians have died to sin? How is it possible for a just God to justify the ungodly without becoming unjust Himself? What is regeneration? What is justification? Why do all men desperately need to be justified? If I have died to sin, why am I still affected by it? As a Christian, am I the new man or the old man or both? What does the Bible mean when it says that Christians have died to the Law? Are Christians still slaves to sin?

The answers to these and many other questions become clear once we gain a Biblical understanding of justification and regeneration. These two great miracles lie at the very heart of the gospel, yet even among genuine Christians they are surrounded by confusion and ignorance. This book attempts to set forth in clear Biblical light the nature and characteristics of justification and regeneration that God may be glorified and His children brought to know more fully the liberty that is theirs in Christ.

Though dealing with a deep subject and one of critical importance, Justification and Regeneration is very accessible and is written in a way suited even to new believers. The chapters are short, making it easy to read just a few pages at a time. Charles Leiter has done us a great service with this book. I know of no better, more accessible study of these two great truths.

Many have used this valuable book for small group Bible studies, as an introduction to the topics of justification and regeneration; and unbelievers with an interest in learning about Christ will find the gospel well explained here. For some, it shows the difference between biblical Christianity and the shallow, powerless gospel which most preach today. Others have found new confidence and weapons for putting sin to death in their own lives. In the very least, readers will get a richer and fuller sight of the salvation accomplished for us by Christ

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